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The FlashForge Finder is the perfect entry level 3D Printer.  It features an easy to use touchscreen, built-in harddrive and WiFi.

New Creator Pro

FlashForge Creator Pro is the newest desktop 3D printer that is built upon open source platform. It prints ABS better than ever with improvements and new hardware additions. The perfect 3D printer providing the ultimate user experience that DIYers and hobbyists are going after.

Creator Pro Deluxe Bundle

2 Year lease including the New Creator Pro, parts & maintenance and emergency service calls.  We take care of everything except for the consumable filament.

$156.00 / month with a sign-up fee of $623.00
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FLASHFORGE Creator Pro Value Bundle

The Creator Pro Value bundle consists the following products:

FLASHFORGE Creator PRO Dual Extrusion 3D Printer

Simplify3D® Slicing Software

Glass Bed Plate


The FLASHFORGE Dreamer is a high quality with dual extrusion technology 3D printer that provides a great learning experience to 3D printing. The FLASHFORGE Dreamer provides user experiences like no other 3D printer on the market.